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Unsung sport

a group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skill of others.

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why are we here?

Behind every successful athlete is a team of highly trained people. Unsung Sports wants to tell the story of those men and women.

We are looking to hear the stories of the entire backroom staff. The coaches, analysts, agents, kit men, medical team, managers, officials and everything in between. How did they get into the sports industry and what keeps them there?

We want to create meaningful content from the viewpoint of the non-athlete. If you have an interesting story, let us know.

We would also love to hear from sports professionals who want to thank their team.

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What have we got lined up for you in the coming weeks and months?


We speak to agents at different levels of the game. From those just starting out to the biggest sports agency in the world. What is being an agent really like?

professional football coach

We get under the skin of professional sports coaching. What makes a great coach. How much planning and knowledge do you need to coach top players?

sports scientists

What role does a sports scientist play on a day-to-day basis? How colesly do they work with the coaches, players, analysts and recruitment teams?

youth football

“It’s the taking part that counts”. Should youth clubs be coaching young players in mixed ability groups or trying to recruit the best players? Are we weeding out a winning mentality for the sake of inclusiveness?

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join the team

We are looking for volunteers to join the unsung team

Are you interested in gaining some experience in the world of sports media. We are looking for willing volunteers to help push Unsung Sport to the next level. We would love to hear from the following:


Graphic Designers


Digital Marketers


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interviews / stories / news

Read some of our recent interviews

Amateur boxing coach

How do amateur boxers transition into the professional ranks? When is the right time to make the move?

How to get sponsored

What do brands look for when selecting athletes to sponsor? Hear from a leading sponsorship consultant to position yourself to get noticed.

battered and bruised

Injury recovery can be a lonely place. A leading physiotherapist gives her tips on a keeping focused on the road to recovery.